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Student Ambassadors

If you are shopping for schools to attend, there is nothing to beat asking actual students about their experiences. The students below have been selected almost randomly, to give a range of ages, backgrounds, voice-types, major teachers, and depth of experience so far in the department. All have agreed to respond to eMails from prospective applicants, and to be frank in their answers to questions.

Jessica Thompson

My name is Jessica Thompson and I am a soprano currently working on a Graduate Performance Diploma in the studio of Ah Hong. I also completed my Masters degree in Voice Performance here at Peabody. I was pleasantly surprised when I was accepted into Peabody's voice program so making the decision to attend was definitely an easy one. I had heard nothing but positive experiences from other students and I was particularly drawn to the supportive atmosphere. I was a bit of a late starter in music, and at reputable conservatory like Peabody, I expected that I would get lost in the mix and end up learning by watching others perform the roles that I never dreamed I would be considered for. The experience has ended up quite different.

In my experience, the Peabody opera department really cares about each student, and considers during their casting, which experiences they feel will make the student grow. They attempt to give each student a variety of experiences for vocal, musical, and dramatic growth through a variety of classes, unique performance opportunities, and coachings. I feel I have experienced a well-rounded vocal and operatic education through Peabody's voice and opera departments from learning the importance of each and every character in an opera (regardless of the size of the role), to learning how to approach a monologue of Shakespeare. The opera department does several productions a year including two main stage productions, a 20th century work, a one act or scenes program, an outreach program, and also a performance of scenes composed by Peabody student composers. The opera classes are also extremely helpful and there are always new ones being added. Most importantly, every member faculty is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and so much fun to work with. They truly care about each student's learning experience and make every decision with that in mind.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Peabody and would highly recommend its voice and opera departments to any applicant. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have about Peabody or either of these programs at

Stephen Campbell

I was drawn to Peabody when, on a summer program in Salzburg; I met a few of their opera students and members of the faculty. I was impressed with the talent level and teaching ability. When I arrived for my audition, I was pleasantly surprised by how personable and inviting the school was as a whole. While all that affected my decision, the clinching factor was the teacher. Once I had a chance to meet with Stanley Cornett and discuss his approach, I was sold. Now with a few months behind me, I could not be more pleased. It has been a challenging but encouraging beginning to my stay here and I look forward to the rest of my degree with great anticipation.

William Schaller

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